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Freshman Orientation 

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Principal mr. Moran 
Woodrow Wilson Community,
We are pleased to announce that Michael Moran will be the next Principal of Woodrow Wilson High School.
Our Trustee Dustin Marshall introduced Mr. Moran to the community via Facebook yesterday saying "I'm excited to announce that Michael Moran will be the next Principal of Woodrow Wilson High School. Mr. Moran was the nearly unanimous choice of the Administration and the 25+ Community members who served on the Interview Panel.
Mr. Moran comes to Woodrow Wilson High School with a strong skill set and an excellent track record for meeting the needs of students in urban settings. His work with Dallas ISD began at Woodrow Wilson High School in 2008 as an English teacher, tennis coach, and yearbook sponsor. In 2009, he was named the Greater East Dallas Chamber of Commerce Teacher of the Year for increasing student achievement. During his time at Woodrow Wilson High School, Mr. Moran also helped co-write aspects of the IB application and served on the IB interview panel. 
In 2011, he transitioned to A. Maceo Smith New Tech High School as an ELAR Instructor and Mentor Teacher where he co-taught English and Social Studies in a project-based learning setting. In efforts to impact instruction on a larger scale, Mr. Moran then moved to Bryan Adams High School where he served as the ELAR Campus Instructional Coach for one year, and Assistant Principal for the last four years. Mr. Moran was instrumental in helping move Bryan Adams High School from the brink of IR status through the use of protocols for monitoring curriculum alignment, providing high-leverage feedback, and building leadership capacity in the staff. He was also a key player in transforming Bryan Adams High School into a School of Choice (Leadership Academy) which has unified the campus in its vision, mission, and goals. 
As an elite instructional leader himself, Mr. Moran is now returning home to Woodrow Wilson High School inspired, motivated, and fueled for the 2018-2019 school year. He is determined to make the Wildcat faculty, staff, parents, community, and alumni proud for years to come."
Please welcome Mr. Moran.
Security Upgrade Propopsal 


As many of you know, campus security is a pressing issue on many campuses throughout Texas and the United States. Our issue happens to be right at our back door: Woodrow Wilson High School in Dallas, Tx. With over 1800 students and 200 faculty and staff, it is incumbent upon us as neighbors/community leaders/parents/and alumni, to help provide a safe environment for ALL of our students and staff on campus. The Dallas ISD has a long range plan, but doesn’t know how it will be funded, much less, when. To that, our campus SBDM and administration has voted to accept a Woodrow Wilson security plan submitted by a third party vendor with input from the Dallas PD and DISD police. We have elected to be proactive instead of reactionary. Will you please consider making a tax deductible donation to the Woodrow Wilson Community Foundation and designate it for Woodrow Wilson Security? The plan we have and intend on implementing is $25,000 and we want it installed by the beginning of the school year. Go tohttp://www.woodrowfoundation.org/, click on Donate, then select Woodrow Wilson Security from the drop down menu under Indicate any designation restriction. You can also write a check and mail to PO Box 140062, Dallas, Texas 75214-0062. Thank you, in advance, for your support!


Nancy F. Wilson, PTA President 2018-2020
Deborah Bishop, SBDM

http://www.woodrowfoundation.org/ WoodrowWilson security bid.pdf

Summer Assignments  Seniors Final Transcripts 

Students can request transcripts by completing the form on this link:



Final transcripts will be available beginning June 18, 2018 – June 26, 2018


Requested transcripts can be picked up from 2:00PM-4:00PM (Monday-Thursday) in the Main Office


*Please allow 24 hours for transcripts to be processed*


Athletic News 

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