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News and Announcements

Spring Break Meals Program to serve breakfast, lunch 

CHAS Advance 4/15 

College Hispanic American Students (CHAS) at Southern Methodist University would like to invite students to their annual college-prep conference called "Avance" in collaboration with the Latino Leadership Initiative at SMU. Dallas area high school students will attend informative workshops with university professors, learn about financial aid, hear success stories from students and hear a motivational speech at the end. Our goal is to inform students about higher education even if SMU does not become a top choice school for them. 

Avance will take place Saturday, April 15th  at the James M. Collins Executive Education Center (3150 Binkley Ave. Dallas, TX 75275) on the SMU campus from 8:30 am until 3:30pm.

Students are asked to register at tinyurl.com/AVANCE2017.

Provide a valid email address as transportation plans and waivers will be sent out through that medium.

Registration will be capped at 120 students so the sooner they sign up, the better.

Breakfast and lunch will be provided.

Peace Pantry Stocking Up 

Underclassmen Portraits are up on our website 


PORTRAITS: Attention Underclassmen!

Your Underclassmen Portraits are up on our website!!!
Click on the gallery marked for your class and type in the password that corresponds to your class:   Juniors:  classof2018    Sophomores: classof2019     Freshmen:  classof2020
Please find your photo and check to make sure your name is correct.  If you need a retake OR
your photo isn’t there, these are the only retake times.  Check dates, periods and last names.
Freshmen:Tuesday, February 7, Period 2 (A - I), 3 (J - Q), 4(R - Z) - Room 3009
Sophomores:Wednesday, February 8  Period 2 (A - I), 3 (J - Q), 4(R - Z) - Room 3009
Junior:Thursday, February 9  Period Period 2 (A - I), 3 (J - Q), 4(R - Z)- Room 3009
If you see that your picture is not there or have any questions, please email our photography team at woodrowportraits@gmail.com or come by Room 3009 to talk to Mr. Kelemen.  If you have several pictures up there (For example: Smith_Susie-10a or Smith_Susie-10b) you can choose the one that will be in the yearbook. (Smith_Susie-10a).  Please send an email with your choice of photo.  If you notice that your name is spelled incorrectly, please let us know as well.
All portraits can be purchased online if you like. Please check the site or ads posted around school for details.
Tim Brown Golf Tournament 5/1 

HollyWoodrow Friday Night Movies 5/12: Student Film Festival 

HollyWoodrow Friday Night at the Movies.png

Prom Closet for Prom Dresses 3/28-30 


March 28-30 (Tues.-Thurs.) & April 1 (Sat.)               

St. Andrew United Methodist Church

St. Andrew UMC invites financially challenged girls to prom shopping days. Only requirement: girls must be present to select their dresses and accessories.


WHAT:  St. Andrew United Methodist Church in Plano invites all girls from ANYWHERE in need of a prom dress to come to the 9th Annual Prom Closet to select a dress and accessories, all at no cost. Dresses sized 0 to 28 are available to choose from, many of which have never been worn. Only requirement:  girls must be present to select their dresses/accessories. 

Community members, businesses, organizations, and local groups have donated dresses, shoes, wraps, jewelry, handbags, and other accessories for this annual event, organized and operated by The St. Andrew United Methodist Women.  The Prom Closet was created to provide a unique shopping experience for young ladies who because of finances would be unable to attend prom.   Prom Closet organizers and volunteers confirm that not only is the need great, but the impact the dress makes on the girl and her family is immeasurable. 

Questions?   Email standrewpromcloset@gmail.com

If interested in donating to Prom Closet, please bring donations of dresses, shoes, and other accessories to St. Andrew UMC, and drop them off in Room 133.

FACEBOOK:  Prom Closet: St.Andrew UMC

INSTAGRAM: promcloset.standrewumc

WHEN:  March 28-30 (Tues.-Thurs.) 4 – 8 p.m. and Saturday, April 1, 9 a.m. – noon

WHERE:  St. Andrew United Methodist Church, 1401 Mira Vista Drive, Plano, TX, 75093, in Smith Worship Center. (East side of church, Mira Vista and Plano Parkway; park in parking lot off of Mira Vista)


This year is the 9th year of the Prom Closet, organized by the St. Andrew United Methodist Women. The first year, the Prom Closet provided 35 dresses to local high school girls, and last year over 800 girls received dresses and accessories, all donated by community members, local groups, corporations, and businesses.  Any girls from anywhere – even beyond the DFW area – may come to the Prom Closet.  

Student volunteering? Check here! 

Helena Ingram, a Junior at Woodrow, has developed a volunteer site, findvolunteerships.com
Findvolunteerships.com provides Woodrow students a place to easily find and sign up for volunteer opportunities, specifically tutoring & mentoring local elementary school students. Mount Auburn has posted times for Woodrow students to sign up.
She'd like it to benefit as many students as quickly as possible. Mount Auburn would love to have volunteers as early as next week (10/3 - 10/7)!

ACT/SAT/PSAT for Seniors, Juniors & Sophomores