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Want to know what's going on at Woodrow? Looking for a fun way to meet other parents and teachers? 

Join the PTA Board!

Woodrow's PTA is has positions both big and small - something for everyone; even if you don't have a lot of time. 

If you're interested, please click on the link below to download the self nominations document!! Complete the form and email it to communications@woodrowwildcats.org by April 15th


In other news:

WoodrowStock 5/17 

Remaining End of Course exams the week of May 1st 

Students will be taking the remaining End of Course exams the week of May 1st:

  • Algebra I on Tuesday, May 2nd
  • U.S. History on Wednesday, May 3rd
  • Biology on Thursday, May 4th
  • Makeups for all EOCs will take place on Friday, May 5th

(Some students may have already passed one of more of these exams)

Make certain your student gets proper rest, has a hardy breakfast and brings a no. 2 pencil each day.

Sadie's X's and O's Dance 4/29 

Sadie's X's & O's Dance

"Legends, Divas & Superstars"

dress like your fave or casual date attire

DJ EZ Eddie D

@ Quixotic World on Main St

Saturday, April 29th 8-11pm

tickets $25 or $40/couple

$10 parking ticket

ask a date, come alone or with friends

Underclassmen Portraits are up on our website 


PORTRAITS: Attention Underclassmen!

Your Underclassmen Portraits are up on our website!!!
Click on the gallery marked for your class and type in the password that corresponds to your class:   Juniors:  classof2018    Sophomores: classof2019     Freshmen:  classof2020
Please find your photo and check to make sure your name is correct.  If you need a retake OR
your photo isn’t there, these are the only retake times.  Check dates, periods and last names.
Freshmen:Tuesday, February 7, Period 2 (A - I), 3 (J - Q), 4(R - Z) - Room 3009
Sophomores:Wednesday, February 8  Period 2 (A - I), 3 (J - Q), 4(R - Z) - Room 3009
Junior:Thursday, February 9  Period Period 2 (A - I), 3 (J - Q), 4(R - Z)- Room 3009
If you see that your picture is not there or have any questions, please email our photography team at woodrowportraits@gmail.com or come by Room 3009 to talk to Mr. Kelemen.  If you have several pictures up there (For example: Smith_Susie-10a or Smith_Susie-10b) you can choose the one that will be in the yearbook. (Smith_Susie-10a).  Please send an email with your choice of photo.  If you notice that your name is spelled incorrectly, please let us know as well.
All portraits can be purchased online if you like. Please check the site or ads posted around school for details.
Tim Brown Golf Tournament 5/1 

HollyWoodrow Friday Night Movies 5/12: Student Film Festival 

HollyWoodrow Friday Night at the Movies.png

Student volunteering? Check here! 

Helena Ingram, a Junior at Woodrow, has developed a volunteer site, findvolunteerships.com
Findvolunteerships.com provides Woodrow students a place to easily find and sign up for volunteer opportunities, specifically tutoring & mentoring local elementary school students. Mount Auburn has posted times for Woodrow students to sign up.
She'd like it to benefit as many students as quickly as possible. Mount Auburn would love to have volunteers as early as next week (10/3 - 10/7)!