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IB Candidates

Woodrow Wilson High School is proud to the candidates for the prestigious International Baccalaureate Diploma.  WWHS is the only DISD high school to offer the prestigious International Baccalaureate Diploma Program and the students below represent some of the most academically talented young people in the district.  

For questions about the IB program, please contact Dr. Kelly Ritchie, IB Coordinator for Woodrow Wilson High School.

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The 2015 IB Diploma Candidates

Andrew Barnicoat—University of Texas at Austin. Andrew will major in Biochemistry. He was also admitted to the Colorado School of Mines and was offered a merit based

Rosalie Bull—In the fall, Rosalie will begin a year of service and an apprenticeship with the Global Citizen Program. The following year, she will attend Washington and Lee University and plans to major in Poverty and Human Capability Studies. Rosalie was also admitted to SMU and was offered an $80,000 merit based scholarship.

Sarahi Carlos—Texas Tech University. Sarahi will be studying Nursing and Chemistry. She was awarded $16,000 from Texas Tech.

Erin Choi—University of Texas at Austin. Erin will major in Biochemistry. She was awarded multiple scholarships including the University of Texas Valedictorian Tuition Exemption. Merit based scholarships awarded to Erin totaled in excess of $21,000.

Claire Claybrook—University of Arkansas. Claire received a merit based scholarship which significantly reduced the yearly tuition.

Katherine Collins—Austin College. Katherine will be a pre-med student majoring in Biology and minoring in Neuroscience. She received a merit based scholarship totaling $88,000. She was also admitted to the University of Texas at Austin and the Honors College at the University of Oregon.

Jennifer Galdamez—University of Texas at Austin. Jennifer will be majoring in Chemistry. She was also admitted to Austin College and was offered a $64,000 merit.  

John Henry Garcia—United States Air Force. John will be specializing in Aviation

John Graham—Southern Methodist University. John will be majoring in Computer Engineering. He was awarded an institutional, merit based scholarship of $171,000.

Morgen Hardy—University of Miami. Morgen will be studying Meteorology and was awarded merit based scholarships totaling $117, 650.

Maren Kauffman—Texas A&M. Maren will be a Communications major and will also be minoring in Spanish.

Emily Lopez—El Centro Community College. Emily has been awarded over $5,000 to begin her higher education and to complete her Associate degree in Science. 

Hannah Louis—University of Texas at Austin. Hannah has been accepted to the McCombs School of Business. She was also accepted to the University of Alabama and the University of South Carolina and was offered $147,000 in scholarships between those two schools. 

Leslie Mojica—DePaul University. Leslie will be majoring in Business Administration and she will also be playing on the women’s soccer team. Leslie earned $12,700 in scholarships.

Mac Murchison—Baylor University. Mac will be studying Chemistry. He was awarded almost $57,000 in scholarships.

Charley O’Loughlin—Texas A&M. Charley will be pursuing a degree in Nursing.

Devvyn Rhodes—University of Texas at Austin. Devvyn plans to complete her Bachelor of Fine Arts and then attend graduate school at the School of the Art Institute in Chicago to earn a degree in Art Therapy. She received $2250 in scholarships.

Summer Richie—University of Missouri. Summer is going to major in Psychology.

Galit Rothschild—Galit is planning to spend the upcoming school year in Israel, volunteering at a hospital. The following year she plans to enter Rutgers University and study Chemistry or Chemical Engineering.

Leslie Scherger—University of Texas at Austin. Leslie will major in Biomedical Engineering. She was awarded $1100 in merit based scholarships. In addition, Leslie was accepted to the University of South Carolina Honors College, Colorado School of the Mines, SMU, University of Southern California, Notre Dame, and the University of Arkansas. She was offered $315,000 in scholarships at these institutions.

Emery Stewart—The College of Wooster. Emery will major in History and minor in Spanish. She has earned the Dean’s Scholarship, totaling $96,000. In addition, she was accepted to Kalamazoo College and Lawrence University and was offered $168,000 to attend those schools.

Addama Tucker—Duke University. Addama will be studying Computer Science. She has been awarded over $250,000 in institutional and private scholarships. In addition, Addama was accepted to Vanderbilt University, Claremont McKenna College, and Scripps College. Combined, those institutions offered Addama over $786,000.

Sydney Williams—University of Colorado at Boulder. She is an applicant for the Norlin Scholars Program. Sydney was awarded the Ford Driving Dreams Essay Scholarship.

Zane Wittrock—Texas State University. Zane will major in Marketing. He earned the Texas State Fair Scholarship. In addition, Zane was accepted to Abilene Christian University and was offered $40,000.



The 2014 IB Diploma Candidates

Stephanie Arnold--University of South Carolina. Stephanie was admitted into the Honors College and the School of Engineering. She plans to study Chemical Engineering and has been awarded over $100,000 in merit scholarships.

Robert Bolt--University of Texas at Austin. Robert will be studying Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering.

Jamilex Carreno--University of Houston. Jamilex will be majoring in Biology and has received the Woodrow Wilson Community Foundation Scholarship, the State Fair of Texas Scholarship, and the University of Houston Academic Excellence Scholarship.

Brittany de la Valdene--University of Texas at Austin. Brittany will be majoring in Biology.

Nancy Delgado--Texas Woman's University. Nancy has received the Woodrow Wilson PTA scholarship.

Michaela Durman--Austin College. Michaela will study Chemistry. She was awarded the State Fair of Texas Scholarship and the Austin College Founders Scholarship, in excess of $100,000.

Joy Ewere--University of Houston. Joy was admitted to the Honors College and will be studying English and Computer Science.

Erin Halford--University of Mississippi. Erin will be majoring in Biology.

India Hearne--Santa Fe University of Art and Design. India will be majoring in graphic design and has received the Messenger of Hope Scholarship.

Patrick Kennedy--Texas A&M University. Patrick received the Woodrow Wilson Community Foundation Scholarship and the Woodrow Wilson PTA Scholarship.

Daniel Landers--West Point, United States Military Academy. An appointment to this esteemed institution is valued at over $200,000.

Janet May--University of Texas at Austin. Janet will be studying English. She has received the DISD Superintendent's Scholarship, the State Fair of Texas Scholarship, the Woodrow Wilson Community Foundation Scholarship, and the University of Texas at Austin Award Letter, together totaling more than $75,000.

Issac Morales—Purdue University. Issac plans to study Linguistics or Anthropology.

Victoria Nord--Texas A&M University. Victoria will be majoring in Business.

Kate Peebles--University of Edinburgh in Scotland. Kate will study English and Scottish Literature.

Gabbie Pucciarelli--Colorado College. Gabbie will be studying Chemical Engineering. She has been admitted into the Chemical Engineering program in conjunction with Columbia University. She will spend her first 3 years at Colorado College and her final 2 years at Columbia.

Brandon Raines--University of Texas at Arlington. Brandon will be studying Mechanical Engineering.

Allister Rutledge--University of Nebraska at Lincoln. Allister will major in Fisheries and Wildlife. He has received scholarships from the Woodrow Wilson Community Foundation, the Woodrow Wilson PTA Scholarship, the Jacques Cuwen, Jay Guidry, Bill Blackburn Scholarship, the Bennie Donald Vittrup Scholarship, R.C. and Agnes Johnson Scholarship, the Don and Sybil Harrington Academic Scholarship, the University of Nebraska Lincoln College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources Scholarship, and the George Beadle Scholarship, together totaling more than $70,000.

Clarisa Salinas--University of Arkansas. Clarisa will major in Kinesiology. She has received the New Arkansan Non-Resident Tuition Award, the Ford Driving Dreams Scholarship, and the Woodrow Wilson Community Foundation Scholarship.

Karissa Vail--University of Texas at Austin.

Solina Vong--University of Texas at Dallas. Solina will be studying Computer Science.

Colette Weich--University of Oklahoma. Colette will be pursuing an RN in Nursing. She has received the Woodrow Wilson Community Foundation Scholarship and the University of Oklahoma Distinguished Scholar Scholarship.

Luke Whitten--Duke University. Luke will major in Political Science. He received the Angier B. Duke Memorial Scholarship valued at $245,000.

Vaughan Williams--University of Oklahoma. Vaughan is going to study Broadcast Journalism. She has received the University of Oklahoma Non-Resident Merit Award.

Zane Wright--Texas A&M. Zane is going to study Aerospace Engineering.