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The Academy of Finance

The Academy of Finance prepares students for careers in the business world with finance as the base. The Academy course sequence starts with an entrepreneurship course (Principles of Business, Marketing and Finance) and allows students to create their own business throughout the year. The students continue to enroll in courses that further increase their knowledge of the business world throughout their high school years at Woodrow. See the Academy of Finance Course Sequence for the classes that students will take throughout their high school years.

It is required that students complete an internship during their junior year to receive real world training based on the curriculum learned throughout high school. (For more information on the internships, see the NAF internship web page.) Students can receive assistance with finding quality internships through various industry partners.

The Principles of Business, Marketing and Finance is sponsored by the National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship and Insurance (a brand new major opened at UNT college with lots of job opportunities), is sponsored through Invest, which brings real world training into the classroom. Both programs offer several scholarships and other opportunities.

All students are encouraged to take Pre-AP/AP Core classes (English, math, social studies and science). Lastly; all students are further encouraged to compete and become a member in DECA, complete community service hours through Dallas Junior Achievement and/or Y-plan. Lastly; the academy is supported by a strong advisory board with members from Invest, KPMG, Frost Bank, JPMorgan Chase Bank, SMU students, parents and our very own students.

Students can attend Dallas Community College and receive college credit for Money Matters, Accounting I and Accounting II. These courses are worth 9 ranking points or equivalent to students taking AP classes.

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