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Academy of Business

Under House Bill 5 students enrolled in The Academy of Finance and The Academy of Hospitality and Tourism receive a Business and Industry endorsement. Both academies are different in nature, but are grouped under the BEF Academy at Woodrow. Students in the BEF Academy will select either the Academy of Finance or the Academy of Hospitality and Tourism.

Ms. Dionne Hilliard is the Director for the Academy of Finance. Parent volunteers maintain an active Academy of Finance Facebook page

Dr.  Michelle Gilbert is the Director for the Academy of Hospitality and Tourism at Woodrow at Woodrow. 

The Academy of Finance

The Academy of Finance prepares students for careers in the business world with finance as the base. The Academy course sequence starts with an entrepreneurship course (Principles of Business, Marketing and Finance) and allows students to create their own business throughout the year. The students continue to enroll in courses that further increase their knowledge of the business world throughout their high school years at Woodrow. See the Academy of Finance Course Sequence for the classes that students will take throughout their high school years.

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Academy of Hospitality and Tourism

The Academy of Hospitality & Tourism (AOHT) was launched in 1987 with support from Marriott International and the American Express Foundation, with locations in New York City and Miami. In the 2013- 2014 school year, there were 88 Academies of Hospitality & Tourism in 45 districts across 21 states, D.C. and the U.S. Virgin Islands serving 9,115 students.

Woodrow Wilson’s AOHT program was the first NAF Academy implemented in 1999.

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