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Woodrow Wilson High School is a comprehensive open enrollment high school. Incoming Woodrow Wilson 9th grade students can choose from one of four academies while benefiting from the activities and programs offered within a comprehensive high school setting.  Students within each academy will gain knowledge and skills that will enable them to be successful in the post-secondary education and in the world of work.

Students in the Woodrow attendance zone are guaranteed enrollment in an academy. All students must apply using the appropriate Woodrow Academy Application available online (See Links at left) and available in the Woodrow Main Office.

All students outside the Woodrow attendance zone must apply with the appropriate Woodrow Academy Application (see Links at left) and the Academy/Pathway Application (available in the Woodrow Main Office) based on space availability. For these students, applications are accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis for each academy.

For information on the courses available in each academy, see their individual web pages. Additionally, you can download the Academy Comparisons Overview PDF for a side-by-side view of each acedemy.

Who to Contact

Please contact one of the Registrars:

For last names between 'A' and 'L', please contact

  • Daisy Faz, 972-502.4445

For last names between 'M' and 'Z', please contact

  • Maria Alonzo, 972-502-4413

Welcome to Woodrow Open House

Each fall, we hold a Welcome to Woodrow open house.  

This introduction to Woodrow Wilson High School includes a brief overview of the academies, club representatives, detailed academy information, tours of the school and refreshments.

All current 8th graders and their families are encouraged to attend any Woodrow Open House.

Shadowing Program

What is shadowing at Woodrow Wilson High School?

Shadowing is the opportunity for eighth grade students and transfer students to spend one-half day at Woodrow Wilson and experience firsthand what it’s like to be a member of the Woodrow family. Students that shadow are paired with a Woodrow student who is in one of our academies or in the Student Council.

When should I schedule a shadow visit?

Ideally eighth grade students will schedule their shadowing dates in the fall November through January.  Each student is asked to shadow only once.  (Shadowing will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays)

How many students can schedule on a single day?

 Normally no more than 5 students will be scheduled to shadow on a single day.

How far in advance should I schedule a shadowing visit?

Please allow Woodrow three school days to schedule a visit.

How do I schedule a shadowing visit?

Those interested in shadowing should call Mrs. Castañeda – 972.502.4404

What is a shadowing day like?

Students shadowing should arrive at Woodrow by 8:45 am and report to the Principal’s Office (Room 1007). There the students will be paired with their Woodrow host until 11:40.am, at this time students may be picked up in the Attendance Office.

What is the dress code for shadowing?

Students shadowing at Woodrow are asked to dress nicely (NO JEANS). While the shadowing students are not required to wear their current school uniform they are asked to dress appropriately in keeping with the Woodrow dress code: white, red, gray or black polo shirt; khaki or black Khaki pants; closed toe shoes. 

Can I shadow with a Woodrow student that I know?

It is not best practice to allow students to shadow with someone they know.  The shadowing student will be paired with a Woodrow student council member.