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Must pass to receive diploma and graduate on time.

English I (9th)

Passing Score is 3750


English II (10th)

Passing Score is 3750


Algebra I (9th)

Passing Score is 3500


US History (11th)

Passing Score is 3500


Biology (9th)

Passing Score is 3500



These tests are given at the end of each semester and part of a semester grade in the subjects they are given in. See the testing coordinator to make up an exam if you miss them due to health reasons or extenuating circumstance.



  Preliminary SAT given each October during school. National Merit Scholar scores during junior year come from this test. Your scores on this test are "predictors" of you SAT score. The code you get from taking this test gives you access to a personal SAT preparation program and other perks.


  A test used for application to 4 year colleges as a predictor of college success.  Learn about the SAT.  In 2016, this test changed; learn more about the new SAT.

AP Exams

  Exams given at the end of AP(Advanced Placement) classes. A score of 3, 4 or 5 in the subject test can qualify for college credit.


Another test used for application to a-year colleges as a predictor of college success

Slides from the 1/25/2017 Grades 9-11 Parent Meeting:

Download the PowerPoint version