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College Information

College Preparation Lists

Please visit the College Preparation Lists page to prepare, by high school year, for College.

Key College Resource Sheet

Listed below are College "Regional Centers" for these very large universities. Work with them personally to get all sorts of expert help in application, information on visiting the schools and knowledge of the school's special programs. Start getting to know them before senior year so you can be on their lists of interested students when opportunities arise:

Texas Tech University

1420 W. Mockingbird Ln., Suite 765
Dallas, Texas 75247 

Texas A&M University

Dallas/Fort Worth Regional Prospective Student Center
3900 Arlington Highlands Blvd., Suite 273
Arlington, Texas 66018

The University of Texas at Austin

Dallas Admissions Center
3102 Oak Lawn Ave., Suite 350
Dallas, Texas 75219

Dallas Community College System

Go to "Catalog", then "Academic Information", then "Degrees" and "Other Education Programs" to see what programs of study are offered. 

4-Year College Admissions tests

View dates tests are given and sign up at:
Woodrow's school testing number for these college tests is 441-835
ACT : 1-800-553-6244
SAT/AP/PSAT : 1-866-756-7346

College Application Websites

Excellent College Information websites