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Dallas, TX 75214

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About Woodrow Wilson High School

Our Mission Statement

Woodrow Wilson High School aims to expand opportunities to students by developing an exemplary program which will include the rigorous study of traditional discipline and educating the whole person so that students become life-long learners, self-aware and compassionate thinkers, and informed participants in both local and world affairs.

Woodrow Wilson High School will encourage and foster a culture so that students are more accepting of cultural diversity and continue to develop an international perspective.  Woodrow Wilson High School will encourage students in an urban setting to set high standards so that they can become ambassadors and learn from other students across the world as they become active, compassionate global citizens.

Our Principal


Mr. Moran

Academic Design

Woodrow Wilson High School has implemented four academies from which students may choose as their primary area of academic focus:

The students in these academies will gain knowledge and skills specific to their post-secondary education and in the world of work, while still benefiting from the activities and programs offered within a comprehensive high school setting.